There are several natural methods for keeping fleas off your dog. The first is by maintaining a clean environment to reduce the number of fleas on your property. Vacuum regularly, sweep and mop hard floors, launder pet bedding, and steam-clean carpets if possible. It’s also important to wash pet toys often and to regularly trim grass in areas where your dog spends time.

You can also add certain herbs such as eucalyptus or rosemary to your pet’s water bowl or food as deterrents of fleas; you can even make an herbal rinse with them when giving your pup a bath. Other natural treatments include feeding your pet garlic or brewer’s yeast tablets, or adding essential oils such as peppermint or citronella oil to their bedding and environment. A lemon spray is another effective way to keep fleas away from your four-legged family member.

If all else fails, there are several natural flea control products that are available that don’t contain harsh chemicals; these may be the best option for protecting both you and your pet from any adverse reactions potenciallly caused by traditional chemical products. With proper management and vigilance using these methods, you can keep your pet healthy and free from pesky pests.

Bathe your dog regularly in flea-deterring shampoos.

Bathing your dog regularly in flea-deterring shampoos is one of the best, natural ways to keep fleas at bay. Look for a shampoo that specifically says it helps repel fleas. These usually come packed with essential oils such as lavender, rosemary or cedarwood, which are all natural flea repellents.

Before bathing, thoroughly brush your pup to remove any loose hair and dirt from his coat. This will help the shampoo penetrate into deeper layers of the fur and skin, ensuring that no flea can survive the onslaught! Be sure to completely rinse off your pooch once you’re done so any remnants of detergent don’t irritate their skin.

Flea shampoos not only ward off existing pests but also create an environment unfavorable to incoming invaders. With regular use combined with other preventative measures such as vacuuming, you can effectively kill adult fleas and their eggs without resorting to harsh chemicals or poisons

Make sure your dog gets plenty of sunshine and fresh air.

One of the best and most natural ways to help flea collar for large dogs keep fleas off your dog is to make sure they get plenty of sunshine and fresh air. This helps to create an environment that’s inhospitable for fleas. Sunlight dehydrates flea eggs and larvae, preventing the lifecycle from continuing and ultimately reducing the number of adult fleas on your pet.

Fresh air also helps because it pushes away stagnant air where fleas like to breed. Make sure you take your dog outdoors often so they can get plenty of sunlight and fresh air regularly. It’s a great way for them to stay active too! Additionally, add some herbal sprays or teas during their time outside for added protection and fragrance.

Talk to your veterinarian about flea preventatives such as herbal supplements and topical oils.

If you are looking for a more natural flea preventative for your dog, talking to your veterinarian is the best course of action. Your vet may recommend flea preventatives such as herbal supplements and topical oils.

Herbal supplements can be added to your dog’s regular food and offer natural flea prevention in addition to other health benefits such as skin, coat, digestion and calorie management. Many natural topical oils contain plant-based extracts specifically designed to repel fleas from approaching your pet by cutting off their oxygen supply. These oils also help maintain healthy skin and coat while promoting a healthy immune system that can keep fleas away naturally.

Make sure to speak with your vet before applying any supplements or topical oils and always follow all prescribed instructions.

Vacuum carpets, furniture, and other fabric materials frequently to reduce the presence of fleas or their eggs around your home.

Fleas can quickly lay and reproduce eggs, which makes them hard to eradicate if not handled properly. Therefore, vacuuming frequently becomes an important part of trying to keep your pup free from fleas. Vacuuming carpets, furniture, and other fabric materials can reduce the presence of fleas or their eggs in your home.

Aim to vacuum any fabrics at least once a week that are commonly used by your pup such as beds, pillowcases, blankets, and carpets. Pay extra attention to corners and crevices as these areas often become breeding grounds for fleas.

It may also be beneficial to use an anti-flea solution during the vacuuming process such as a natural flea spray made with essential oils like lavender or rosemary oil. Spray onto the area before vacuuming for an extra layer of protection against those pesky buggers!


By following these steps you can take a natural approach to controlling fleas on your pet – making it easier to keep them happy and healthy without exposing them to toxic chemical treatments.